Aging is a Full Time Job
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Aging is a Journey of Changes

Are you struggling with your full time job of aging? Is your life filled with meaning and purpose? How can the real inner you, be more than you ever could have imagined for yourself?

Get ready to go on an encouraging expedition of self-awareness. Learn more about the unique person you are aging into, no matter what you recognize as your chronological age number. Marcia Casar Friedman candidly shares private struggles that led to success stories with personal transformations. No matter what your age, more insight is gained from living life, to the fullest, every day. Learning never ends.

Marcia's idea of calling her generation, the "silver sages," comes from their graying hair and enlightened wisdom. The emphasis in "Aging Is A Full Time Job," is on mental and emotional changes that come with aging, not on physical changes.

Take this inspirational journey of reading and writing, to open the window to your soul, while exploring the depths of past events.

Now is the time to make peace with your past,
so you don't mess up the present!

Aging is a Journey of Changes
Aging is a Journey of Changes

Aging is a Journey of Changes

Life does not come with a how-to-age manual, but if it did, the subjects covered in Aging Is A Journey Of Changes, would be included in that guidebook. The emphasis is on practical daily mental, emotional, and social maturity, not on the physical changes of aging. And there is an all important emphasis on the truth, that writing is healing!

Aging has a negative undertone, carried over from attitudes urbanized before our current technology was developed. Marcia writes with an emphasis on the 50+ age group, highlighting the age 65+ senior sages. She includes many questions, thoughtful analyzing relating to the subject and opportunities for decision-making. It is a work book! Just like life, if you want an improved life, effort is essential.

A mistaken belief is that no change equals a secure feeling of everything being fine. No change means no growth. Change is good! Change creates opportunities for unexpected accomplishments by keeping people at the top of their game. It relieves boredom, increases confidence, and provides resilience for the future. Change can be extremely difficult, but it is worth the effort. Take control! Be the change you want to see happening!