6 Ways To K I S S

How to uncomplicate life is one of the most important learning tools for silver sages (senior adults) to use in order to successfully adapt to their full time job of aging.

Life works best if the involvement and pace are kept simple. A key goal is simplicity. Avoiding unnecessary complexity became a goal in my life when I had to adjust to not working anymore. I expected life to be more simple without the pressures of work. Then I discovered the pressures of aging and life style changes cause new kinds of stress.

Simplicity brings motivation, balance, freedom and joy to allow focusing on one thing at a time. Consider where you can eliminate distractions to be able to focus on the essentials.

Six Ways to K I S S – be a Keenly Inspired Silver Sage
1. Unclutter everything
Donate clothing that no longer fits and items you won’t ever wear
Eliminate extra furniture that acts as an obstacle to navigating around
the house.
Recycle magazines, newspapers and periodicals which are over
2 months old.
Throw away expired medications, food and toiletries.
Keep important mail in a handy small box or tray. Reply or pay the
bill by 7 days before the due date, throw away the original envelopes
and advertisements.

2. Organize a simple system for house work by establishing routines
When dusting the living room furniture, also dust the window ledges
and the lamps.
In an organized manner, keep only currently used items on your desk.
Rinse off dishes and pile them in the sink until the end of the day when
you wash them or load the dishwasher.
Have a place for everything and put everything in it’s special place.
Stop striving for perfection. Encourage yourself to be grateful for what
you have and who you are becoming.

3. Create Free time for yourself
Free up time for things you want to do. Cut back on time wasters
Be flexible to make schedule changes as needed
Learn to say “no”
Be creative. Do something new.
Concentrate on one task at a time. Procrastination can cause
stress illnesses.

4. Reduce your Debt
Get out from under debt. Buy essentials with cash.
Pay off bills before buying anything new. Sacrifice luxury today
to enjoy freedom tomorrow.
Financial freedom heals the body, mind and soul.

5. Manage a relationship detox
Some people take up time and energy that could be put to better
Simplify life by keeping only the relationships which are mutually
Cutting back on daily numerous repeated contacts will ease
the stress.

6. Take care of your body
Eat healthy foods, drink at least five glasses of water per day,
create a schedule to take medications and move off the couch.
Refill prescriptions and over the counter medications at least
six days before you run out.
Enjoy nature. Walk in the park, along the beach and around
a flower garden.

When in doubt, ask yourself if this thing or activity or person will
allow you to maintain a focused, inspired life. Be honest with yourself. No, means NO!

Be a Keenly Inspired Silver Sage.

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