You are one of a kind
Like unique fingerprints–
Be the best that you can be.

As I was approaching the great adventure of becoming a senior citizen, my instincts said it was time to ask questions and do research to get a clearer picture of my future possibilities.

There are books to help with finding nursing homes; care for dementia patients, senior puzzles, cooking for a senior, skin and body care, and so on. I wanted to know how my thinking and feelings were going to change.

My senior years did not start out as expected, especially when I was blindsided by an unexpected, last minute notification of being downsized out of my last job. As I was writing to heal myself, friends and family encouraged me to share my writings to help others. Finding books with psychological overtones, would have given me sources to find a way to make peace with the changes. If I couldn’t find the help, neither could others.

I write about feelings, self-esteem, aging thoughts, loneliness, and more. All subjects faced by every age level, but seniors have a different view due to years of experience in a much less technological world. Reading, thinking and writing can help many people come to terms with the natural changes that come with aging.

My goal is to help people who would like to improve their lives. Writing is healing! The overall message is to emphasize the value of writing in order to be the best that you can be. It is a caring, private journey!

Everyone can write. There are many opportunities to write privately in a journal, on the computer or talking into a tape recorder.

It takes work to make improvements in a set lifestyle. Anything worthwhile takes effort. Writing and analyzing situations has given me more rewards than I could ever have imagined.

Recognize the truth that you are much more than you imagine yourself to be.

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