Aging To Be Me

     As I’ve aged, I have become kinder and less critical of myself.  Hooray! I’ve become my best friend.  I deserve the best out of life.

Once in awhile I will leave a messy unmade bed, buy a T-Shirt with a silly saying, leave two days worth of dishes in the sink, and even spend the day in my pajamas.  The world will never come to an end due to my acting outside of being perfect!

In the past decade I’ve seen too many close friends and family members leave this world too soon.  They never came to terms with aging and never learned to enjoy the freedoms that come with aging.  Neither did my Mom, who died at age 55.

Let’s get real! Whose business is it if I choose to listen to oldies music from the 50’s or 60’s and sing in my unfortunate off key voice?  Sometimes I write into the middle of the night and get up at noon.  The outcome is often the most creative motivational ideas I’ve ever written.  And if I don’t feel like answering the phone, I’ll screen the calls.  If I want to eat dinner at 4:00pm, or snack all day long, I can, because I recognize I’m the boss of me.

Sometimes I’m forgetful, which only helps to illustrate that some parts of life are just as well forgotten.  Eventually, when necessary, I do recall the important things. The hurts, disappointments, and sadness from the past are sometimes recalled with a new depth of understanding, not readily available when I was younger.  Broken hearts give us strength, understanding and compassion.  No one is perfect.

I’m grateful to have lived long enough to experience the trials and tribulations of dealing with gray hair, life’s stresses with the grooves on my face and age spots on my flabby arms.  Many have never lived long enough to laugh on and on until their stomach hurts and they wet their pants.  Many have never experienced gray hair, loss of hair, or unwanted female chin hair.

I’ve earned the right to be wrong.  I don’t question myself as much as in days gone by.  Aging brings a more positive outlook to confirm the truth regarding the sayings about things working out for the best.

Aging has set me free to be the person I was meant to be.  I like being a silver sage!  I don’t want to live forever, so while I’m still here, I won’t waste so much time lamenting about what could have been or worrying about what will be in the future.

Join me on this personal journey of being a silver sage, to be the best that you can be!  Accept the truth — life is never perfect.

I’m Not Old. I’m Chronologically Gifted!




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