Attitude of Gratitude

Who said life gets easier as you get older? Life is tough, really tough, that is the truth. When I was in college, Mom would often say, “Life is tuff” that’s spelled T-U-F-F. Dad said life has its ups and downs. Be grateful by appreciating the ups.

Children are told to change their attitude, as though it was the magical way to solve problems. Children don’t know the meaning of such an abstract idea. Many adults don’t know what it means to change their attitude, let alone how to make those changes.

Attitude is perspective, so the purposeful changing of your point of view will change your attitude.

The difference between being negative versus being positive is an inside job which gives feelings of satisfaction or discontent. Changing to a more optimistic attitude leads to improving self-esteem, enhancing confidence and appreciating more of the good things in life. Expressing gratitude opens the closed doors, letting fulfillment and joy into daily life.
How far are you along the path to gaining self-esteem? How do you feel about making changes? Be appreciative of the choices you do have and the decisions you can make.

Tough times produce tough people. Express appreciation for the lessons learned in the past. It is essential to keep up with the modern times. Learning something new every day is exciting. Learning never ends.

The computer has made my life so much easier than when I shopped store to store in a time consuming, tiring manner. If you don’t use a computer, be glad you have the background and experiences where you learned how to get things done without a computer. If you can learn to use the computer, go for it! The most rewarding brain exercise ever invented is the use of the computer. Keeping minds active and alive are daily goals for all generations.

So much to learn, so little time! Take every opportunity to show an attitude of gratitude! Love yourself even though you aren’t perfect. Develop the goal of learning to make ongoing changes to maintain a sense of balance to become a happier, more successful person. Know that if you can’t change the situation, you must change your attitude to have peace of mind.

Appreciation makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow!

A gratitude journal is a problem-solving tool to clarify thoughts and to enable us to express feelings. Some people like fancy leather bound books, others prefer yellow legal pads or notebook paper. My favorite is the very convenient computer.

For generations, teens have been writing in private diaries. A gratitude journal provides the way to write down at least one to three positive happenings every evening. Give thanks for those confidence building experiences. Ending the day on a positive note, paves the way to be able to wake up feeling optimistic and looking forward to a bright new day. Start your journal entry by writing “I am grateful for ….”
In your journal or gratitude calendar, write a brief description of one good thing that happened each day. At the end of the month read about the awesome happenings in your life for that month. By the end of one year you will have a whole year of positive memories. Some accomplishments might repeat each month. They will present a theme for the year.

Express your attitude of gratitude.

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