Author Biography


Marcia Casar Friedman was a teacher for the Pittsburgh Public Schools, the Los Angeles School District, and a Master Training Teacher for Cal State Northridge.  She has a teaching credential for the elementary grades and for adult education.

Writing, sociology, and psychology have always been her passions. Marcia conducted adult training programs in English as a Second Language, created and led “feelings workshops,” behavior modification classes and was a trainer in various industries.

After a new awareness of how her life was always filled with various writing opportunities, Marcia’s interests naturally flowed into a new encore career as a published author. In the past, she wrote articles for a local newspaper and an educational newsletter, plus teaching manuals and lesson plans. Add a compilation of her poetry, a short story, countless business letters, and designing numerous business handbooks.

Life changes provided the opportunities for Marcia to follow her passion to use life experiences to create motivational writings. Her current books “Aging Is A Full Time Job” and Aging Is A Journey Of Changes” enable the readers to find paths to make peace with their past so they don’t mess up the present. “Me Write? I can do that!” is an overview of the process of becoming a writer, then an Author.

Marcia’s calling to write, came full circle when the natural teacher inside of her came forward, even stronger, to convince her to teach classes and mentor writers. Writing is healing!

Everybody is doing it! Aging is our universal full time job!

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over,

she became a butterfly!





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