Balance Your Life

The key to living your life to the fullest is to maintain a balanced life by periodically correcting the course. If your life is on overload in one area, while other areas are being ignored, then an imbalance will impede success everywhere. Balance your life by checking each area regularly and honestly. Be open to making adjustments.

Spirituality/Religion is the area that covers your conscience, values, principles and relationship with your life purpose. Give thanks, celebrate and give to others.

Emotions/Feelings are the fuel of life. These are your beliefs about the world and about yourself.

Mind and Personal Development includes your desire to learn and share with others. Build new skills to improve mental keenness

Improve your Physical Health. The body is your container to enable actions. Listen to your body. It will give you clues about what is going on.

Include Relationships with family, friends and colleagues. Social interactions with others enrich the life. If a relationship isn’t working, change the dynamics.

Work Career productivity is measured by how you make a difference to lead and influence others.

The Financial balance is a way to share value. Prepare today for a bright tomorrow. When you take care of your money, it will take care of you.

Character, Integrity, Ethics and Virtues are the essence of who you are,
even if no one is looking.

There are many other areas of life that can fit into each of those categories. Plus, add more of the personal regions of your own life as it is today to keep it in balance. Take a step back to review each area of your current life. Can more be added to each category?

A perfect ideal to follow does not exist. Each person is unique with different lifestyles, personalities, interests and background of experiences. Encourage your uniqueness to shine in order to create and maintain a balanced life! Look inward and learn more about yourself.

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