Balance Your Life

The key to living your life to the fullest is to maintain a balanced life by periodically correcting the course. Make adjustments if your life is on overload in one area, while other areas are being ignored. Balance your life by checking each area regularly and with honestly.

This refers to your conscience, values, principles and relationship with your life purpose. Express gratitude and give to others. Emotions/Feelings are the fuel of life. They are your beliefs about the world and about yourself.

Mind, Mental and Personal Development
It’s your desire to learn and share with others. Exercise the mind to be constantly building skills and using tools to improve mental insight.

Body and Physical
Take care of the body. It is your vessel for making it possible to conduct your actions. Listen to your body. It will send you messages revealing what needs attention.

Include family, friends and colleagues which make life beautiful and fulfilling. Your social interactions with others help to balance the life force.

Work and Career
Career and achievements give us the motivation to move forward. Your productivity is measured by how you make a difference to lead and influence others.

A medium of exchange to create, transfer and share value. Take care of your money and it will take care of you.

Character, Integrity and Ethics
The very essence of who you are will shine through, even if no one is looking.

Of course there are many other areas of life that can fit into each of those categories. Plus, add more of the personal regions of your own life to focus and reassess as an ongoing path to keep your life in balance. Take a step or two back to review each area of your current life.

Review the list again to see where more areas can be added to each category.

Social – living with or to live in companionship with others, rather than in isolation.
Time management – use time wisely
Leisure/Recreation – schedule time for leisure activities
Travel – an enjoyment and an education
Goals – set goals to maintain a personal compass for today and the future
Romance and sex – having a significant other helps to balance the life
Community involvement – doing for others is doing for yourself
Relationship to Self – how do you see yourself?
Bad Habits – change can be helpful

A perfect model to follow does not exist. Each person is unique with different lifestyles, personalities, interests and background of experiences. Balance your life by encouraging your uniqueness to shine.

Look inward and learn more about yourself
Where are you spending too much or too little time?
Where does your uniqueness shine forth?
Maintain balance in everything you do.
Your power is found in the balance of all things. This is where you find the truth of YOU.