“Cause I Love You” Gifts!

Silver sages (adult seniors) don’t want to collect any more STUFF!
We have enough knick-knacks, potholders, perfume (which should be avoided due to seniors suffering from allergies) jewelry pins, picture frames and plants that require watering.

The cute thingamajig received as a birthday present is a thoughtful gesture, but what am I going to do with it?

Clutter! Hoarding! Nonsense collector! Sure, visitors and family will criticize us out loud, or to themselves, when they see all the STUFF! Things from days gone by, plus new additions, create a muddled environment.

What is a silver sage to do about this dilemma? The gift list keeps getting shorter because many of the things silver sages want can’t be bought.

What are loving, caring family and friends to do about giving gifts?

The same conversation circles around during every birthday and gift-giving holiday. What to buy for the senior sage who says she/he has all the stuff ever wanted? It’s frustrating for all involved!

Here’s a plan, take notes. Be observant! What do you recognize as something that is a practical problem solver? Casually discuss the product. My son saw me struggling with an old sponge mop. He told me about an innovative product that has throw away covers. Of course I responded saying mine works just fine. Surprise! He bought the mop and disposable covers and even uses it on occasion to mop the floors to help me.

Today’s technology has made life easier, except when it confuses me with rapid updates before I can learn to be comfortable with the current invention. My cell phone was a gift, to give me the security of knowing I could get help at home or anywhere, if needed. Help is just a call away! After the end of the two-year contract, it was time to update to a new phone. Please, no fancy gadgets! I just want a simple phone. After two more upgrades, I am convinced it is better for me to keep my current phone. This basic phone and I are friends! No arguments please.

Give the gift of acceptance. Express your understanding of the desires of the silver sage and ask if an E Reader or something else that is new on the market would be a loving gift idea. Yes, ask the questions and pay attention to the answers.

My computer is my best friend. It’s frustrating and aggravating when it doesn’t work efficiently. I use it every day. There are many gadgets to add to the basic set up. A helpful gift this year was a new, easy to use wireless keyboard and mouse. This was a gift from someone special who was observant of my lifestyle and set out to make my computer time more user friendly.

Still taking notes? Consider what will make life more enjoyable for a silver sage. Give gift certificates for a massage, tickets to a play, dinner at a fancy Fondue Restaurant, manicure, pedicure, movie, art classes, the book “Aging Is A Journey Of Changes” etc. And… gift certificates for services such as housecleaning, grouting the tub, installing the much desired electrical outlet, and replacing the bathroom shower fixtures. These certificates can be to hire someone directly or for a service you are offering to do yourself as a loving gift.

It’s up to silver sages to make their desires known.

What loving gift are you going to give to a silver sage to make life easier and happier?

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