Confidence Cocktail

  1. Believe in your own ability to handle whatever comes along.
  2. Self-Talk.  Praise and encourage yourself, and listen to yourself.
  3. Be flexible to adapt to a variety of situations.
  4. Praise yourself for dealing with adjustments and moving forward to a better life
  5. Focus on the things you do well to build confidence
  6. Stay updated.  Cut your losses from previous experiences and learn from them.
  7. Practice being patient with yourself first, then with others.
  8. Not every decision you make is perfect.  Life is not perfect!  No one is perfect!
  9. Trust your gut feelings.

10. Let go of old long held angers, hurts, blames, grudges, and even stubbornness. 

Which of the 10 ingredients are you comfortable with most of the time?  

Which of the 10 ingredients are you the least comfortable with most of the time?  Why?  Practice using one new characteristic each day until you have improved your confidence in each area.

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