I think I’m not as old as I know I am
Though the blond that I was is now gray.
The face I see in the mirror, must be me
When I finally become old someday.

The aches belong to another poor soul
Yet they wake up with me every day
My head says, “Body, ignore that pain
It will wait until you’re old someday”.

I love to wake up before the sun arrives,
Stretching the hours of each day.
It gives me a chance to achieve what I plan
I will sleep late when I’m old someday.

I need more time to get more done,
Before the past sweeps the present away.
I do not stop to rest very often,
I will nap, when I’m old someday.

I cannot deny an inevitable fact,
My energy ebbs at the end of the day.
I pretend to myself that it will pass,
To return when I’m old someday.

There is no escape from this truth,
I cannot stop the pendulum’s sway.
Still part of me stays the course,
Racing it until I am old someday.

Guest Poet
Al Friedman, Southern Calif

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