Do It Yourself Publishing

Writers are introverts. We thrive on working alone to produce a creative masterpiece. When the writing is completed, we move into extrovert mode. Progress can come to a halt if we don’t take charge and learn to conduct our own author business.

The internet has given us the opportunity to “do it myself” to avoid the frustrations of solving our own problems by depending on the publishing communities and paying the big bucks. The responsibility is shifting to the writer and away from business employees who work for the hired company.

In 1969 the internet was originally developed. The World Wide Web was shaped in the mid 1990s. Internet Explorer was first released in 1995. Google was founded in 1998, and Myspace in 2003, Facebook in 2004, and YouTube in 2005.

Face to face talking is being replaced by the social media, email and all things related to typing instead of talking.

The great emphasis on learning to talk WITH each other, instead of AT each other, has been reversed. The current generation cannot be blamed for not knowing how to interact in face to face or even phone to phone situations. They are living in a society where those values are not promoted.

If the writer does not have a techno brain, the idea of doing it all online produces a glazed look in the eyes and an ever growing anxiety.

Write down the pros and cons of do it yourself versus hiring others to work their magic and complete the project. Money? Yes, money is the great dividing line. Control! Yes, next is control. Do it yourself requires and allows the writer to maintain control over the production.

Learning from asking and answering questions is essential to quality interactions. Communication is all about learning from the influence of emotions, facts, data, perspectives, perceptions and non-verbal messages.
How can we work together to provide a better system of talking WITH each other?

Patience is the ability to idle your motor
when you feel like stripping your gears.
Barbara Johnson Brainy Quote

There are more books published each year than ever in recorded history. Recent statistics show over a million in the world and growing. How are they being published? Online is moving along to dominate the process of producing a published book.

I’m advocating to keep and improve the wonderful new technology and to keep the talking WITH each other, to merge the best of both worlds.

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