Do you want to be a writer?

If you want to be a writer, ask yourself these questions
and write down the answers:

1. Why do I want to write? What are my writing intentions?
2. Writers write, everyone else makes excuses. Is that me?
3. What genre is the most comfortable for me?
4. How would I describe my writer’s voice?
5. What realistic expectations do I have for myself as a writer?
6. What kind of professional and personal development will I pursue?
7. How do I plan to maintain my motivation during the rough times?
8. What are my writing goals?
9. Where will I go to receive and give writing support – conferences, critique groups, forums, seminars, writing groups, classes, mentors, etc.?
10. How can I make my writing more authentic, more genuine?
11. What feelings do I want readers to get from what I write?

Writing is not just putting words on paper. It is getting to know yourself in order to write from the heart. Successful writers ask for help and offer to help others by joining writing groups, forums and educational classes focused on various aspects of writing. They volunteer to be an active member in at least one writing group to make it successful for all the members to learn from each other. More is learned by giving, than by taking.

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