Finding The Perfect Word

Readers can easily be bored unless the writer varies the words and lengths of sentences and paragraphs. Writers sometimes sit and wait, then continue to wait, until frustration sets in while waiting for that perfect word to come into focus.

Help is here with the following resources.

My Favorite Word

Collins English Thesaurus
More than 1 million synonyms and antonyms.

Idioms at The Free Dictionary
Enter a word to get a list of common phrases in which the word appears.

“Synonym Finder” by J.I. Rodale
This is a paper book, containing more than a million synonyms.

Thsrs (The Shorter Thesaurus)
Enter long words and receive shorter synonyms. It can help to simplify your writing.

The Visual Thesaurus
It’s an online dictionary and thesaurus that creates word maps based on your entry. The maps branch to related words. Visual Thesaurus is available by subscription.

Commons, dashes, hyphens, semi colons and much, much more.

Category exploration to search for “sentences with…” or “rhymes with…” and more.

It shows definitions from multiple sources, to present as many different meanings as possible. A reverse dictionary is included.

Wordsmith’s Anagram Generator
Enter a word, and it scrambles the letters into other words.

Sources to find the proper words.

Go for It!
Pitch your writing.

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