Get Out Of Your Way

Writing is not just putting words on paper.  It is getting to know yourself in order to write from the heart. The most important reason to write is for your own enjoyment — the joy of creation, the joy of reading the story or the poem you just had to write.

There are three central writing target goals, which are flexible.  You can write to heal yourself, write for family and friends, and write to be a published author.

Writing for others as a published author, is an entrepreneurial business with rules to follow, educational researching for steps in the process, finding ways to produce more income than costs, never ending marketing, an ongoing goal to be resilient and much more.  High on the big hearted list is to write to motivate the reader to take a break from the everyday world to enjoy an enriched life by reading and relating. Success, measured by royalty payments, feeds the author’s ego.

Writing for family and friends enables the writer to open up with honest revelations from personal experiences.  Memoir writing is a way to hand down family stories for current and future generations. It keeps the emphasis on the historical content and not on perfecting the writing skills. Providing a written legacy is one of the most important gifts anyone can give.  Success is measured by loving and giving.

Writing for your self is necessary for every writer who wants to improve the view of the past, then update and reboot their lives. First learn about yourself, write to satisfy yourself, write without the pressures of what others will think or will the book sell, or any other entrepreneurial decisions. Being stuck, or writers block, does not exist when such a scenic tour of your life is readily available. Success is measured by learning to be the best you can be. Become skilled at expressing your thoughts and be proud to know yourself. Then decide if you want to publish your creativity.  Write to heal your life. Be a more balanced   and insightful person before asking others to believe in your words.

“People will forget what you said, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

Writing   starters:

  1.   What is the one moment in your life that you would like to   live over?
  2.   When I rule the world………
  3.   Discuss an important turning point in your life.    Who was there for you?  When did you recognize this as a life altering event?
  4.   In  order to help others, it is often necessary to jump right in and say yes.   Once I answered yes. It was the wrong decision!  (Tell your story).
  5.   Arrington came to you for a job as a writer. What is your advertised job description? What skills must a writer have to work for you?


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