How To Deal With Emotional Pain

Are you living with baggage from the past? Do you think It’s easier to put off those upsetting issues than to confront them head on?
Here are 8 steps to deal with emotional pain caused by your reaction to someone else.

Step 1 Recognize there are some things in your life that you never dealt with, so they were never resolved. Those issues are holding you back from being the person you want to be.
Step 2 Write about the pain of what happened to you. Allow yourself to feel the emotion of it. Don’t make excuses for it. Writing is healing.
Step 3 Put yourself in the shoes of the person who offended you. Come to an understanding of what contributed to that person’s mistreatment of you.
Step 4 No one is perfect. Everyone is flawed. Forgive the person for treating you in such a way. Release that person and yourself from the baggage which has been weighing you down.
Step 5 Start living in the present. Get out of the past.
Step 6 Every day express gratitude for at least one good thing about the day.
Step 7 Get over your imperfections so you can make peace with the past.
Step 8 Make the most of today so you won’t mess up tomorrow.

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