How to Finish What You Start

Are you having concerns about finishing what is started? Losing interest and being distracted occur when new exciting ideas bring fresh new glamour.

It is not necessary to feel inspired all the time. Move forward by taking a break to recharge the mental batteries.

The only way to accomplish anything is Just Do It! Some days, motivation rides high and other days it’s gone. Revise your plans to follow your bliss.
Life is a journey of changes.

Writing Tips:
Start realistically
Writing starts with thinking about the possibility of a new project. Set goals with a realistic, flexible and rewarding end in sight. Respect yourself enough to know that quitting IS an option. The goal is always quality, not quantity. Is your writing project a self motivating writing adventure or are you writing to please others?

Plan the details of the project.
Are you writing first for yourself and then for others, or are you writing for yourself first and foremost? It’s easier to finish a project when the details are written for your own journey.
If you are writing for publication, over estimate the time, effort, money, etc. needed from start to finish. Along the way unexpected contingencies will come into play.

Strive for perfection
Perfection lasts for the one moment of creation, then as changes occur in life, the view of perfect changes along with the times. Nothing is perfect forever. Be the best you can be!

Be accountable to yourself. Revisit goals often to make them compatible with life changes. Make a commitment to work the strategy with renewed energy and enthusiasm. Follow your bliss. Recognize opportunities to move in new and sometimes unexpected directions. Enjoy your self motivated sense of pride for having followed through to meet your goals. Praise yourself for your progress. Be grateful for every successful step along the way.

Make peace with the past
The past is over and done. Make peace with the past so you don’t mess up the present. Let go of what was in the past in order to move forward to the next project. The past led to today. It does not have to be the future.

Are you a wanna be writer who procrastinates whenever possible? Complaining to self and others won’t allow for progress. Procrastinators often don’t finish what they start. Break the goal down into manageable parts. Then take one step at a time.

Are you a Writer or an Author?
The sign of a writer is someone who writes. They don’t just talk about wanting to write.
A writer writes. An author is someone who has published a finished project. Publish can mean a poem for a magazine, a manuscript for a book, newspaper articles and more. An author is a writer and an author.

Be true to yourself
New ideas and inspirations reach us all the time. Be your own cheerleader by giving yourself permission to move on to new motivations. Sometimes writers lose interest in the goals. Life throws us many curve balls so we can be flexible and move forward. Review what you have learned, praise your progress and move forward to your finish line. Keep your current work for possible use at another time.

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