How to finish what you start

At some time in life (and often many times) a project comes along which causes us to have trouble finishing what is started. Losing interest and being distracted occur when new exciting ideas bring fresh new glamour.

It is not necessary to feel inspired all the time. Writers can continue to write and teachers can continue to teach, even if the glow of the current project is losing its luster. Sometimes caring for children can lose its spark and excitement, but you do it anyway because the rewards are worth it.

The only way to accomplish anything is Just Do It! Some days, inspiration rides high and other days it’s gone. Keep working anyway. Revise your plans to follow your bliss.

10 suggestions to smooth the path to completion
1. Be selective
Before starting a new project ask yourself over and over again if this is something you are passionate about and you want to see it through. If you aren’t completely sure, try it out to discover if this is something you really want to continue doing. Keep a realistic end reward in sight. Respect yourself enough to know that quitting IS an option. Especially when reality confirms the task is being done because others want you to do it, instead of you wanting to do it for yourself.

2. Plan ahead
Make a timeline and an action plan. Estimate the resources needed for the project. That includes time, effort, money and more. Be aware of what it will take to get started and finish the project. Plan your time accordingly, then build in some buffer time in case of contingencies. I over estimate needed resources so I don’t lose the inspiration when life challenges get in the way.

3. No one is perfect
Stop delaying progress because you want to get it just right. It is helpful to strive for perfection, but not if it is preventing you from getting things done. Perfection lasts for the one moment of creation, then as changes occur, the view of perfect changes along with the times.

4. Commit to it
Hold yourself to your word. The goals might require new arrangements. Revisit them often to make goals compatible with life changes. Make a commitment to stick to the plan and work the plan with renewed energy and enthusiasm. Keeping in alignment with your true self will lead to opportunities to follow your bliss.

5. Be flexible
Revise plans when the big adventure is losing its productivity. Fighting to follow yesterday’s goals will stifle creativity and progress. Adjust schedules to be open to change. Life is always changing. The more easily you can adapt, the more successful, happy and appreciated you will be. The ability to recognize opportunities and to move in new and sometimes unexpected directions will provide new benefits.

7. Review your progress
Stay on track to meet the updated goals. Review progress on a chart or by writing updates. Ask yourself if you have the heart-warming satisfaction that comes from finishing a project. Did you find the joy of knowing you have completed something you set out to do? Glow in the sense of pride for having followed through to meet your goals.

8. Praise yourself
Are you being the best you can be? Sometimes feeling discouraged due to all the daily demands leads to making it impossible to meet goals. Praise yourself for everything completed so far. Recharge and regroup to continue, when ready. Be grateful for every successful step along the way.

9. Be realistic
Sometimes there is a loss of interest in the goals that cannot be overcome. New ideas and inspirations reach us all the time. Give yourself permission to move on to new motivations. Keep the progress made so far for use at another time. Review what you have learned and start at the beginning of a new project.

10. Make peace with the past
The past is over and done. Make peace with the past so you don’t mess up the present. Let go of what was in the past in order to move forward to the next project. The past led to today. It does not have to be the future.

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