I Am A Writer

I write when I’m happy and when I’m sad.
I write when I’m hungry and when I’m full.I write when I’m alone and when I’m with other people.
I write when I’m cold and when I’m feeling hot.
I write when I’m tired and when I’m alert and energetic.
I write when I’m laughing and when I’m crying.

I write when I’m feeling worried and when I’m feeling carefree.
I write when I’m researching and when I’m creating my own notes.
I write when I don’t understand a happening and when I do “get it.”
I write when I have something to say and when I’m lost for ideas.
I write when I have a need to make peace with the past.
I write when inspired by a bolt of creativity and even when I feel brain dead.

I write to leave a legacy and I write for myself.
I write so I can control what I say and share what I want to share.
I write knowing my creativity is personal, encouraging and helpful.
I write to exercise my brain to focus and organize experiences.
I write for the fun and healing powers of writing.
I write to encourage myself to be my inner friend, supporter and cheerleader.

I write because I have an obsessive need to share what I learn.
I write because I want to find out who I am and who you are.
I write because learning never ends.
I write because I like the flexibility of changing my mind without criticism.

I write because I have to write!

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