I give up!

Aging has provided me with a new perspective on my reactions from the past and the immediate present. Perhaps it comes with the territory of becoming a silver sage (AKA senior citizen). Granting myself permission and praise for arranging to “give up” to have a happier and healthier life takes a willingness to make changes.
. 12 “I give up” projects .
1. I give up resistance to change
Change is good. Progress and improvements rely upon change.
I follow my bliss by embracing changes, especially the ones that I make for myself.
2. I give up on knowing I’m usually right
It’s not worth the risk of ending a wanted relationship. If it won’t make any real difference in the long run, then let it go. I pick my battles more carefully.
2. I give up my need for control
I strive daily to accept everyone just as they are and let go of trying to control and change others. I am the only one I can really control. I walk in my own shoes.
3. I give up blaming and criticizing others
I take responsibility for my own life in order to keep my powers of positive thinking. Accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative are not just words from a song. I express feeling grateful for the things I do have.
4. I give up self-defeating self-talk
I put a stop to hurting myself with negative self-defeating complaints. Fear is a powerful negative driving force that leads to illnesses. Being armed with the truth is a powerful tool for success.
5. I give up trying to impress others
Being the real me is a challenging task. Rather than trying to be the person I think other people want me to be, I am true to myself. I continue to own my life, instead of being a people pleaser.
6. I give up jumping in to say “yes” to do for others
Before making a commitment, I look at all sides of the issue. If I say “yes” and the situation is not in my best interest, I strive to bravely say “no” and get out.
7. I give up an attachment to things
I cleared the clutter in the house, car and office. Attachment comes from a place of fear, of being without. Attachment and love cannot coexist. Everyone can live without diamonds, but we all need love.
8. I give up making excuses
Excuses are lies to myself and to others. I will be honest with myself by telling the truth.
9. I give up detailed planning for the future
The past is done, it can’t be changed. Tomorrow is not here. That leaves a goal of living for today and planning for nearby tomorrows.
10. I give up believing I can’t do this or that because someone else might not approve. Instead of putting everyone else first, I primarily consider my own wants, needs and ideas. If I don’t take care of myself who will?
11. I give up striving to be perfect
I don’t know of anyone who is a role model of perfection. Perfection does not exist. I want to be the best I can be.
12. I give up accepting the status quo
Just because things were done a certain way in the past does not mean they have to be done the same way today. Progress requires change.

Never give up hope
Success is a journey of changes

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