If I Ruled The World

If I ruled the world:
Embarrassment: Everyone would understand why the most embarrassing encounters can be good for you. Without awkward encounters, how would we know what we have to work on?

Perfectionism: Humans would be mindful of what they learned from not being perfect. Every disappointment reinforces the truth that perfection does not exist, except in the moment of action. Then life moves us forward into a new thinking process.

Human Services: Every business owner and every employee would have professional human services training before starting their job and ongoing training on a periodic basis. Example: If the business customer is a senior citizen, provide training to educate everyone on the stage of development and communication methods that work with seniors. Ongoing training will provide a successful communication outcome with that segment of the population.

Healthcare: Universal healthcare would be available for everyone rather than qualifying to be healthy. Healthcare includes mental, physical, dental, eye and all areas of keeping the body healthy.

Control: Being in control of making decisions for self would be praised rather than disrespected by those who think they know what’s best for everyone. Asking for and receiving help when times are too tough to handle things alone, would be expected and accepted.

Quitting: Quitting an endeavor that is unfulfilling would be viewed as an intelligent decision. Quitters would no longer be considered losers and no longer would be treated with a show of disappointment.

Success: Achieving one goal at a time, to be the best you can be in any given situation, leads to success. Reaching goals is appreciated during the journey, not necessarily only in the final outcome. Count all the little accomplishments along the path.

Education: All levels of education for minors and ongoing training for adults, would be a way of life. Learning about sports, hobbies, jobs, higher learning, current events and so much more, would be available for anyone who has an interest in a specific subject. Meditation would be integrated into education. Education would be free for everybody and I don’t mean education in how to fight a war.

Uniqueness: Everyone would value, instead of criticizing, unique thinking and action which does not hurt anyone. Positive expressions would overpower negativity to attract positive energy.

Fighting: Wars would be outlawed. All firearms would be illegal. Showing strength and power over others would be channeled into cooperation and support for successful lifelong progress.

I do believe in miracles!

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