Improve your writing

Sometimes the smallest changes can improve your writing.

Writers often struggle with stating the main idea of a paragraph in the first sentence. The topic sentence is a hook that grabs the readers attention.

When the length of the sentences are varied, the reader stays interested. Vary the structure to include a surprise question or command.

Remember the dictionary? Use it! Computer spell check can tell if it is a word, not if it is the word you intend to use. Check those homophones words with the same pronunciation, such as “right,” “rite,” and “write”.

To emphasize ideas, use short sentences. To explain or illustrate ideas, use longer sentences which carry the main point at the beginning and the end of the sentence.

To be clear, use specific words that show what you mean. Eliminate unnecessary words which can clutter the sentence. Watch for your own common trouble spots by frequently editing and proofreading.

If a specific sentence has you shaking your head and wondering what’s wrong, reverse the structure of the sentence. Try it you might like it!
1. Donna was sorry she ran to the car without using a grocery store shopping cart, when the bag fell out of her hands.

2. When the bag fell out of her hands, Donna was sorry she ran to the car without using a grocery store shopping cart.

All writers get stuck once in awhile. Deny the frustration and take a break to do something fun. An improved point of view will appear at a later time after other diversions have given your creativity a rest.

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