Introduction to Premise, Theme, Arcs and Plot, with helpful links for reference.

It’s the hook, the logic, to get the audience interested. Present something about the character(s) that provide an emotional connection. The premise supports or helps the conclusion.
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Identifying the Theme
An idea, concept, or lesson that appears repeatedly throughout a story, reflects the character’s internal journey through the external plot, and resonates with the reader.
The theme is the path the reader travels to connect with the story.
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Character Arcs:
Learn about the principles of positive change arcs, flat arcs, and negative change arcs They enchance your writings and hook the readers.
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How to Write Character Arcs

The Five Elements of Plot Structure
1.Exposition: The Beginning
Every story must have a beginning. The start, beginning or exposition, is where the characters and setting are established. Introduce the conflict or main problem.

2. Rising Action: Introduction of the Problem or Conflict
After the characters and main problem have been established, the main problem or conflict is dealt with by some kind of action. Here the main character is in crisis causing tension and excitement to reveal an awareness of the conflict and allowing for plans to deal with the crisis.

3.Climax: The High Point
The climax is the high point of the story which is the main event or danger that the character faces. It’s the worst challenge for the character who might fail in getting what is wanted. The turning point may be either physical or emotional.

4. Falling Action: Winding Down
Following the climax, the story begins to slowly wind down. Falling action, one of the two final story elements, shows the result of the actions or decisions the character has made.

5. Resolution: The End
The resolution, called denouement, is the conclusion of the story. The conflicts are resolved, all loose ends are tied up, and the story concludes.
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