It’s An Inside Job

Who are the creative writers?

We are not always in a creative writing mode. Sometimes it comes in flashes and spurts of imagination. Take advantage of those times when your mind and body are telling you to move forward to write, or it’s telling you to go outside and play. Writers imagine their subject matter before typing it. The imagination bursts forward during the actual writing processes. Pushing for creativity to appear does not produce a life style that takes advantage of the best in each of us. Let it come naturally, then manage the clues leading to solutions. The inspired skills are the creativity used to produce a written product.

What time of the day is best for your mind and body to start up? Acknowledge individual differences by finding your own sweet spot. Every day is different. Setting a schedule and working it, does not always produce the best results for writers, unless the time is managed to allow for changes.

Occasionally we need time to be alone to reflect on life. Ask questions about yourself. Instead of not writing and giving up, step back to view the world and all its detailed wonders. Take a break. Problems are opportunities to improve. Find your comfort zones to think outside of the box to bring out your ingenuity.

Highly creative people see the world differently than most. They believe in the possibility of the impossible. They find it difficult to do monotonous work. When writers are in a creative mode they live off the excitement of learning and doing something unusual. That’s when the ingenuity kicks in to invite cleverness and resourceful solutions to imagine and manage problems.

Creative writers ask questions to absorb the details so they can present them to the readers. Describe the people, places and things so the readers can transport themselves into the scene and be a part of it. Ask yourself if revealing the surroundings will enrich the reading experience. That might include sounds, smells, weather, tactile experiences, and the thoughts and feelings of the characters as they move through the scene.

I am a Writer
By Marcia Casar Friedman

I write when I’m happy and when I’m sad.
I write when I’m hungry and when I’m full.
I write when I’m alone and when I’m with other people.
I write when I’m cold and when I’m feeling hot.
I write when I’m tired and when I’m alert and energetic.
I write when I’m laughing and when I’m crying.

I write when I’m feeling worried and when I’m feeling carefree.
I write when I’m researching and when I’m creating my own notes.
I write when I don’t understand a happening and when I do “get it.”
I write when I have something to say and when I’m lost for ideas.
I write when I have a need to make peace with the past.
I write when inspired by a spurt of creativity and even when I feel
brain dead.

I write to leave a legacy and I write for myself.
I write so I can control what I say and share what I want to share.
I write knowing my creativity is personal, encouraging and helpful.
I write to exercise my brain to focus and organize experiences.
I write for the fun and healing powers of writing.
I write to encourage myself to be my inner friend, supporter and cheerleader.

I write because I have an obsessive need to share what I learn.
I write because I want to find out who I am and who you are.
I write because learning never ends.
I write because I like the flexibility of changing my mind without criticism.

I write because I have to write!

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