Aging Is a Full Time Job                       


Part One: Aging  

1 Who Are the Silver Sages? 

2 Aging Does Not Make Us Forgetful 

3 When Did I Get Old? 

4 Who Am I? 

5 Aging Is a Full Time Job 

Part Two: Encouragement  

6 I Wish, I Wish, I Wish 

7 Endings Are Beginnings 

8 New Age Roto-Rootering 

9 Attitude of Gratitude 

10 A Woman’s Gotta Do A Man’s Gotta Do 

Part Three: New Points of View  

11 What If . . . 

12 Disposable Society 

13 Don’t Worry, Be Happy! 

14 Life Is Like a Bowl of Cherries 

Part Four: Family  

15 Thanks, Mom 

16 Daddy’s Little Girl 

17 Sibling Love, Sibling Rivalry 

18 My Two Bubbies 

19 My Favorite Character 

20 The Gift of Life 

21 Designing a New Life  





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