“Just finished reading Marcia Casar Friedman’s book, Aging is a Full Time Job. The title alone is intriguing! 
Yesterday, I mentioned to a friend how the book had helped me to change my outlook on much of my everyday thinking. The book made me realize that I had earned “permission” to be myself, at this stage of the (Silver Sage) game, to be more carefree, rather than worry about making a (potentially but not necessarily) wrong decision. 
Marcia doesn’t lecture, but via her writing, helped me to arrive at the conclusion that what I say or do is allowed to be for my benefit. It encouraged me not to acquiesce to others; not to hold back what I want to say, as long as I’m not being mean spirited or harmful, of course, but am offering a truthful expression, via vocal, or silence. I’m no longer as concerned with what others may think of me, my words, or my actions – it’s not monumental anymore.

The author’s recaps of her close, special relationships with family are told with warmth. She draws one in to her life as it was, and is. Having known Marcia since our high school years, she has kept me interested, with her easy-to-read book, injected with humor, and never boring.

It is important, as a member of the Silver Sages, to realize that we’re all in this together. Marcia makes it plain that we the Silver Sages are figuratively speaking, growing up, and not just getting old(er). Her book is an insightful, sensitive look at where we are…and where we’ve been.” 

Cynthia Weiner Katz Simon, Retired

“Marcia, I just finished your book.  I am Overwhelmed! Never have I read a non-fiction book that was so compelling.  I couldn’t put it down.  You must have spent many months and days working on it.  After reading it, I want to shout to everyone “what a good book this is!”  It will give every reader inspiration.  I am so proud of you for having the compassion and intellect that was always attributed to your mother.”

-Carl J. Unger, Entrepreneur

“I want to call your attention to a fabulous book that was just published: “Aging Is A Full Time Job”!  I know it will appeal to a great many in the Boomer generation, actually anyone over 50!  In it, the author–originally from Pennsylvania & now living in California–weaves her own story with amazingly insightful observations about life & living & aging.  Her theme is that the real inner self can be much more successful than previously imagined, and that it’s never too late to make peace with your past so you don’t mess up the present!  This marvelous, easy-to-read book provides valuable insights into appreciating and accepting the truth of not being perfect.  I read it a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t put it down!”

-Steve Stone, Attorney

“This honest presentation of memories has given me a new prospective on my full time job of aging!”

-Norton Gold, Ph.D., History Professor

“The search for “Who Am I?” as explored in this unique book, gives real possibilities to open the doors and windows to becoming an authentic self.”

-Everett Jacobs, Ph.D., Psychologist

“I always wanted to write, but never thought I could. Marcia has given me the inspiration to write memoirs for myself and for my family.”

-Judith West, Retired Teacher. Born in 1921

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