Aging is a Journey of Changes                                        

Hello aging, hello changing

1   Aging means changing

2   Myths and truths of aging

3   What is successful aging?

4   Some days are better than others

Writing is a voyage of discovery                                                   

5       Why write?

6       Learning to live in the present

7       What is your theme?

8       Am I in my writing mind?

9       Do overs

Stages of Development

 10   The three stages of development

  Stage 1   Childhood

  Stage 2   Time to grow up

  Stage 3   New frontiers

11   Be the best you can be

12   Write a personal biography

Be your authentic self

13   I am my feelings

14   Anger is short-lived madness

15   Emotional vampires

16   The time machine

17   Don’t worry.  Be happy!

18   Regrets, I have a few

Learning never ends

19   Earning the right to feel cranky

20   A new model for silver sages

21   The digital divide

22   The question of a lifetime

23   Maturity versus Aging

Knowledge is power

24   Ways to live the good life

25   Healing your personal relationship with debt                                                           

26   How to build self-esteem

27   Desserts

28   The balancing act

29   I guarantee it


30   Comparing and Competing

31   Can you handle the truth?

32   Create a wish list

33   Rule the world











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