How often I’ve lamented about changes being thrust at me without my consent!  In “Aging Is A Journey of Changes,” I learned these really are the most difficult of all life’s changes. Right now, I have to stop trying to block out all changes because of those negative experiences. Life is a matter of balancing the changes, by being willing to handle my own truths.

Leon Robertson, Montreal, Canada


At last, I know I don’t have to accept those nasty pet names given to those of us who have gray hair.  I agree with the author—use my name or jump into the conversation but don’t call me “young lady” or “madam” or any of those other so-called cute names.  By avoiding telling the speaker that he or she has discriminated against me, I gave them permission to keep talking that way.  By writing out my attitude and feelings, I learned it takes confidence to be the real me!

Georgia Loft, Cascade, Idaho


Writing always seemed like such an exhausting job.  I sure didn’t need another job after working, taking care of the kids and husband, shopping and all the other zillion things I did.  Now that I’m a senior sage, without all those responsibilities, I’m struggling with being open to new ideas which are just for me.  After reading about half of the book “Aging Is A Journey of Changes,” I finally heard the message about writing is healing.  It’s true!  I am following Marcia’s suggestions to strive to be the best that I can be.

Maryann Walker, Los Angeles, California


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