Kitchen Creativity

10 Uses for Coffee Filters

  1.  Use as bowls to serve popcorn, chips and other snacks.
  2.  Instead of plastic wrap, cover bowl or plate in microwave with a coffee filter.
  3.  Heat up small leftovers in a disposable filter.
  4.  When stacking fine china, place a coffee filter as a spacer between dishes to prevent scratching and scraping.
  5. Push stick from ice cream and popsicle snacks into bottom of filter to eliminate sticky drippy hands.
  6. To absorb the grease from fried foods, put one on the plate and put your french fries, bacon and other fried food on top.
  7. Use them to safely store your Christmas decorations, nails, screws and other small, fragile items.
  8. Use as a coaster to set glasses and cups on a table or tablecloth.
  9. When taking a close-up picture, soften the brightness by placing a coffee filter over the camera flash.
  10. And remember to use them to filter coffee too! 

What are your 10 uses for empty butter containers?

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