Learning to Live in the Present

The statute of limitations has expired on our childhood, adolescence, adult, midlife and even many of our silver sage traumas. In order to move forward, I frequently remind myself to live in the present.
Writing enables me to document events from the past, to relive the sights and sounds and to learn about my feelings. I am unique and special—that’s a very good thing!

The archives of my mind have memorized many song lyrics from the past. Especially active are the words with reminders for us to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative!

By contrast to moving forward in a healthy manner, harboring anger causes deterioration of the body, which can lead to ill health. The days of being a silver sage (seniors) can bring numerous fears out in the open. Once the fears causing the anxieties can be faced, it is possible to strive to clear away the old debris.

Several years ago, a local electronics big box store manager angrily remarked about my carrying around a lot of baggage! He was aiming to dismiss me with criticism, to turn his problems into my problems. My complaint report to the Corporation President concerning the lack of store service to replace a new faulty washing machine, led him to try to belittle me with bully tactics. Whatever happened to—the customer is always right?

I heard his words about my carrying around a lot of excess baggage (being old), in disbelief! No way would I accept his censure. Feeling exasperated and angry, I stormed out of the store, knowing I’d have a long road ahead to file a more detailed complaint. It took months before I received a working washer, plus a refund. Customer service from large corporations often lacks the personal attention I knew from days gone by. That was then, this is now.

Everyone carries around emotional baggage, known as past experiences. Promote the goal of learning from them and letting go! In no way am I advocating forgetting the past. Distressful things happen. I feel the trauma of the consequences, then make changes to move on to a better today and tomorrow. The past made me who I am today.

P.S. The manager of the electronics store was later fired for being rude to customers! He was an adult bully who dumped his personal emotional problems on to the customers who complained about being wronged in the course of business.

The past and future only exist in our thoughts. They are not our current reality. Streamline life by concentrating on living in the here and now! I wish it was easy, but it does take earnest attention and an ongoing focus which concentrates on gratitude for what we do have now.

Striving to continue to live in the present has given me permission to accept that the past cannot be changed and the future isn’t here now. Concentrating on being the best I can be for today is the answer to a more fulfilling life.

You can’t change the past,
but you can ruin the present
by worrying over the future.

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