Let It Go

Getting past yesterday is necessary to experience joy in order to move forward to a happier life. Old hurts keep us stuck in the past. Even though we know the importance of letting go and moving forward, we still have to deal with our feelings.

Let go of toxic thoughts and behaviors in order to heal. During challenging times, it can be difficult to let go of something or someone. It all starts with recognizing the advantages of not letting go. Staying stuck in the past allows for the feelings of knowing you are right and the other person is wrong. As the victim, people in your life will provide attention, support and comfort. It’s a difficult way to live.

Healing starts with accepting the real facts of what has happened in order to become less emotionally attached to the past events. Forgiveness comes next to find the freedom to accept a new life. Holding on allows the worrying to control today and tomorrow. The power of the hurt can cause the memories to surface again in the future. Let go, using all you have learned during the years since the events.

Sometimes revisiting the hurt can enable you to let go enough to take small steps to reconcile the situation. At other times the review will enable you to recognize how much you have grown and it’s time to let go of the pressures from a time long gone. Change is difficult for everyone. Aging is a journey of changes.

Labeling an event as a mistake paves the way to hold on. Given the circumstances in play at the time of the situation, you made the decision that seemed to be appropriate. Life then takes its twists and turns, and by looking back at the past, a whole new set of experiences enable a new reality to set in. The decision wasn’t a mistake. It was best for the situation at that time. The past is over and done. It cannot be changed. Learn from it and let go.

Letting go and moving forward requires forgiveness for the many aspects of the circumstances. Forgive yourself, others, the situation, and believe that sometimes things must change so you can move forward.

Dear Past,
Thank you for the memories. I am grateful.
Dear Future,
I am Ready!

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