Life is tough! Compared to what?

Silver sages (aka seniors) have a reputation of not typically liking to move out of their comfort zone to take risks. Think again, who likes to make changes? Living a familiar life provides a reassurance that everything is like it is supposed to be. Years of insecurities can come to the fore when a challenge appears which creates a necessity to make changes, “to rock the boat.”

Keeping everything in the current position of status quo as in not being willing to make changes, causes a no growth life. Without taking a risk to get what is wanted, the chance of success for a better, happier life is absolute zero.

Silver sages have lived a lifetime of taking risks every day, accidentally or with purpose. The goals were always to improve a current situation and provide a means to have a better life.

Knowing how taking risks will ultimately lend a hand in some manner, helps to pave the way to recognize that life is always about risks. By taking a risk, you give yourself a chance to win.

Problems are opportunities! At the time of the onset of troubles, many emotions appear on the scene to cloud an acceptance of this ever being a good thing. Some risks must be taken because the greatest danger in life is to risk nothing.

So how do we train ourselves to accept changes, accept risks? It is not always possible or even advisable to react to each situation in the same way. What worked the last time, might not work this time. Each event, each person is unique. Look at your distinctive way of handling changes by reviewing past events. What happened? How did you feel and what did you do?

The past is over, it’s done. How would you handle a similar situation today?
Here is a list of tools. Find your comfort zone suggestions:
 Discover your unique strengths. Then capitalize on developing their potency by leading the way with your strong assets
 The only magic formula for managing risk is to make careful preparations to minimize risk and maximize the odds for success.

 Request help from reliable people. Ask detailed questions, learn from everyone. They will be flattered that you asked and be willing to make it possible to suggest ideas to conquer the fears.

 Take small steps to move out of your comfort zone. Set goals, praise your accomplishments. Be grateful for what you can do.

 Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative!

 Use your gut instincts to make your own decisions. Listen to others, then decide for yourself. Stay in charge of yourself as long as possible.

 Recognize the truth that you are much more than you imagine yourself to be. Open up to your talents, interests, abilities and dreams.

 Write in a notebook, computer, or talk into a tape recorder about your attitude toward risk taking. Writing is healing!

 Analyze the cost of NOT taking the risk and the cost of not being true to yourself. Life does not come with guarantees.

The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing and becomes nothing. He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply cannot learn and feel and change and grow and love and live. Unknown author

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