New internet writing courses

Two new online courses offer flexible timing and convenience to write the class opportunities according to your own weekly schedule. An emailed lecture will be sent on 8 Sundays, for each participant to nurture the writer within. Also a Word for the Week will be presented to study writing terminology.

To keep the expenses low, we eliminate the need for text books, nerve wracking tests, registration fees and transportation costs. Wearing at home comfortable style clothing encourages relaxation and creativity.

Requirements: Must have a working understanding and use of email, attachments, scanning and researching on the internet.
All writing experience levels welcome.

Teacher: Marcia Casar Friedman

Select one of the internet writing courses to start January 11, 2015.

Class #W101 “How to Be a Writer”
Do you have ideas and words in your mind that you would like to put on paper? How do you get them from your brain to the paper? The classes provide an overview of the basic writing genres which are Fiction, Nonfiction and Poetry. Also lessons to write a persuasive letter, entering writing contests, memory writing, biography basics and more.

Class #MW102 “More How to Be a Writer”
Learn to be the best you can be with consistent attention to your writing. Goals, journal writing, types of stories, elements of writing, the nuts and bolts of writing, changes, write a story, meaning of names, eight sentence story and being unique are the topics for this course.

Registration: Send an email to to request an application for your chosen course. Directions will be included for the PayPal payment of $94.00 which will reserve an eight week space in the class.


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