New Year’s Resolutions 2017

Let’s start with gratitude for the accomplishments from the past year. Typically we think about what went wrong, troubled times, disappointments and other discouraging thoughts. For the start of 2017, lets review the 2016 happy events, progress and attained goals. Write them down as your memory focuses on the positive sides of this past year. Instead of counting your troubles, count your joys.

Describe an “aha” moment. Express an attitude of gratitude for each step along the way. Turn those typical resolutions into new 2017 goals which will improve your relationships and add to your personal growth. Make them reasonable and reachable.

The goals are usually set to receive praise and recognition from others who might say words of encouragement. Real goals and resolutions are private objectives to support our undertakings for the coming year. They are flexible and call for regular updating.

With positive thoughts in mind, write down your reachable goals to provide focus and motivation for the coming year. By setting ongoing goals and reassessing them along the way, the worthwhile challenges can be met with success. Long-term goals help to determine where you are going. Short-term goals help you decide how to get there. They are usually measured by intention over which you do have control.
Now it’s your turn. What were your 2016 accomplishments?

Goals, or New Year’s Resolutions, start with writing what you want in 2017. Then state positive, present tense intentions that are clear and direct. A willingness to take inspired action has to kick in, every step along the way.

Examples: I write in my personal journal every evening after dinner.
At the beginning of every month I review and update my
writing goals.

May your dreams bloom and
make you happy in many ways.
Have a happy and healthy New Year 2017

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