New Years Resolutions for 2019

Goals. What promises are you making to yourself concerning the coming year of 2019?

Each new year thoughts surface about our failures, what went wrong, troubled times, disappointments and other discouraging thoughts. Those are the prompts to give us clues to establish goals. Will that list of resolutions for the New Year be kept past the first month or two? Are they flexible and allow for frequent updating?

Express gratitude for the good things from 2018, the happy events, the loving people and the successes. Your personal perception might label those 2018 achievements to be small or huge or anywhere in-between.
With positive thoughts in mind, write down reachable goals to provide focus and motivation for the coming year.

By setting ongoing goals and reassessing them along the way, the worthwhile challenges can be met with success. Long-term goals help to determine where you are going. Short-term goals help you decide how to get there. They are usually measured by production over which you do have control.

Goals, also known as New Year’s Resolutions, start with writing what you want. Then state positive, present tense intentions that are clear and direct. A willingness to take inspired action has to kick in, every step along the way.

Make your goals reasonable and reachable.

End the thoughtful plans by telling yourself “I am proud of myself for being the best I can be”.

May your dreams bloom and
make you happy in many ways.
Have a happy, safe and healthy New Year 2019

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