On Being Perfect

Remember the goal of accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative? Oh yes, those were the days when respect, cooperation and positive support were appreciated traits.

The rules of communicating have turned into a goal of finding something negative to say about human imperfections, then spread it around as far as possible. Critical standards are partnered with a bully attitude. If you feel compelled to criticize someone, be ready to step in to take over to make their situation perfect, as per your standards. And if you take great glory in condemning others, live with the “tit for tat” retaliation which is like for like, measure for measure, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. That means when criticizing someone the immediate follow up must be to criticize yourself too.

Perfection does not and cannot exist beyond this one moment in time. Perfection is a moving target.

I wonder what happened to the advice we were given about computers. Junk in, junk out! Strive for perfection while accepting yourself and others for being the best they can be.

What is sent out into the universe is sent back to us. When negativity bombards our daily lives, it fills our universal consciousness with pessimism and hurt feelings.

Express gratitude for what you do have.
Honor and appreciate individual differences.
Perfection is being the best you can be.

I fall
I rise
I make mistakes
I live
I learn
I’ve been hurt but I’m alive
I’m human
I’m not perfect, but I’m thankful
Unknown Author

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