Present Your Creativity

Write the flawless manuscript, proof read and edit, again and again and again and again.
Choose your book size, font, paper stock weight for the pages, the cover and the binding. Decide if the genre and target audience are compatible with the design of the book cover.
Decide how you will consistently use your name. Birth certificate name? First and last name, no middle name? Make up a name?
List possible titles for your book and pick the one that speaks to you and will entice the reader to want more.
Create your book cover images, for the binding, and front and back of the book.
Choose the method of publishing that is most comfortable for you at this time. Publish your print book.
Bring out your selling skills and sell your works of art.
That’s all it takes to present your creativity by publishing your manuscript. LOL! Each part must be perfect, even though we know there isn’t anything such as perfect. Time marches on as the so called perfect stands still.
The cover is the calling card. “Pick me, pick me!” It’s the first sales pitch, a billboard to attract the readers attention and it must engage the reader on an emotional level. It’s the hook that draws the reader to look closer and decide to read it.

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