Regrets? I have a few!

A regret is a feeling of disappointment or distress about something that might have been different. The feeling of regretting a situation can be depressing, especially when harboring a disappointment from many, many months or even years gone by. The situation happened, it’s over and done with, but the thoughts of “if only I had…..” linger on.

Reality check! The past cannot be changed. Acknowledge the facts and the feelings, by mentally reliving the event.

Write down the details and the feelings in your private journal. Be clear and specific. Then let go of that regret. Affirm the release by saying “I release the feelings of …….. I felt due to ………… I’m free to move forward in my life without regrets.”

Now is the time to release the regrets in order to:
Accept your age
Your calendar age is what it is! Bolster your self-esteem by being proud of being in the here and now. You have come a long way. Brag!

Accept who you are
Appreciate the wisdom that accompanies aging. Compliment yourself daily with appreciation.

Accept and love each day
Do at least one thing each day that you enjoy. Very small enjoyments count too.

Accept and trust right action
Trust that you are in the right place, at the right time. Express gratitude every day. Life is unfolding as it is meant to be.

Accept that life is never perfect
Keep expectations reasonable. Perfection only exists in the moment. Life moves forward as the perfect action stands still. Be the change you want to see happening.

Accept your body
It’s a miracle! Appreciate how well your body does function in such a coordinated manner.

Accept your beliefs and those of others
Religious beliefs, political beliefs, child-rearing ideas, business operations, and so on, vary from person to person. Nurture self-respect by being an individual. It is not necessary to always agree with others.

Accept others.
Accept your decisions and choices
Be mindful of where you are right now. Eliminate woulda, shoulda and coulda. Be inspired to create an improved, first-class life for today and tomorrow.

Now is the time to make peace with the past
so you don’t mess up the present!

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