Remember loved ones

To my Cousin Susie Lynn:

I regret not seeing you more often, when you were healthy and when you were ill. The past cannot be changed. Opportunities were not taken. A time limit was never a reality to me and possibly not to you either, especially when you were in good health.

We had wonderful times together for decades, then allowed life events to stand in our way of seeing each other. I remember when I made a dress for you and for Cindi that had white polka dots. We laughed each and every time I teased you about spilling milk spots on the dresses. Then you both outgrew the polka dot dresses and we found other happenings for laughter and togetherness. We visited a doll museum, movies, miniature golf, countless family dinners and on and on. I will always remember and appreciate the sparkle in your eyes and your heart warming smiles and giggles.

I thought there was time. Keeping the status quo was not on the side of our inertia when you became sick. How wrong we were to miss so many opportunities to be together. I ran away from my helpless feelings when I last saw you in the wheel chair suffering from ALS -Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Today it is important to appreciate knowing your pain and suffering are gone. We will see each other someday, on the other side. Then we can rejoice in being together with our family and friends.

Rest in peace, my sweet Cousin Susie Lynn.

Love and kisses,

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