Resources For Writers

→ Resources to find the perfect word

→ FLUFF phrases that can be eliminated from your writings:
1. As a matter of fact
2. As you may already know
3. At the present time/At this point in time
4. Basically
5. Because of the fact that
6. During the course of
7. For all intents and purposes
8. For the purpose of
9. Generally
10. Given the fact that
11. In case you haven’t heard
12. In light of the fact that
13. In my opinion
14. In regard to
15. In the event that
16. In the process of
17. It has come to my attention
18. It is believed by many that
19. It is designed to
20. It is interesting to note that
21. It is well known that
22. It may be said that
23. Needless to say
24. Please be advised that
25. That said
26. The fact of the matter
27. We have every intention

→ The Visual Thesaurus
An online dictionary and thesaurus that creates word maps based on your entry. The maps branch to related words. Visual Thesaurus is available by subscription, but you can use the trial version to test it out.

→ Grammar is the set of rules that explain how words
are used in a language.

Online Editor
→ Wordnik
Online dictionary that shows definitions from multiple sources, allowing you to see as many different meanings as possible. The site also lists hypernyms and hyponyms for each word; it also includes a reverse dictionary.
→ Strange words
The word absquatulate came out of an odd fad in America in the 1830s for making playful words that sounded vaguely Latin.
Absquatulate (abˈskwä CHəˌlāt/), verb, North American, humorous: To leave abruptly. To make off with someone or something.

My friend absquatulated from the Doctors office after she saw a mouse run across the waiting room.
When my friend absquatulated a pen from the Doctors office, she decided not to drive the extra 15 miles to return it.

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