State of the Self

 Opportunity is knocking.  Are you home?

Let’s learn to take stock of life as it is today, identify the desired changes, and move on for a better today and tomorrow.  This does not have to be a laborious project!  Tailor it to meet the needs of the you that you are today. The past is done and over with, move on.

Review the list of topic words below.  Which one stands out as an area which has received attention lately? 

Consider these self-help questions:

Which topic word did you choose first?  Why? What happened?  What plans do you have for the future?

My Example:  Learning

    As a former teacher, I always believed learning never ends.  When I found myself in the land of unplanned retirement, I felt lost and alone without goals and without a daily routine.  What to do? What to do?  

One afternoon I sat down at the computer crying, sobbing, pounding the desktop, and yelling for answers.  What do I do now?

Eventually, I typed those “what to do” words on a blank page in the computer.  With flying fingers, the thoughts and feelings showed up on the page.  After writing several pages, I couldn’t believe those words were mine.  They seemed to fly from my mind and fingers on to the page.  After feeling exhausted and drained, I read all the words, then walked into the living room to sit down on the couch in order to calm down.

A serenity came over my entire being.  That was the start of my realizing how writing is healing.  I felt compelled to write to heal myself and to share my awareness in order to help others to follow their bliss.

My goal is to keep going, keep on writing, keep on helping others.

Look over the list of words below.  Pick one to write your own story in your private journal or the computer.  If the topic poses a problem to be solved, pay careful attention to your choices to create a path for healing. Every issue has at least three sides!

Abundance                        Intimacy               Personal Development

Achievements                   Learning                  Relationships

Attitude                              Life transitions        Retirement

Balancing Life                    Listening                 Self Confidence

Beauty                               Love                        Socializing

Career                               Motivation               Speaking

Communication                 Organizing              Time Management

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