Steps to Successful Aging

Do you know the real you of today?
William Shakespeare said “To thine own self be true”. Learn about yourself, including how often and in what areas you are changing. Be flexible to make course corrections.

Reduce stress
Seek help when solving your own problems becomes too overpowering. Asking for help might be difficult at first. Soon you will realize there is help available, to some degree, for most situations. Reduce stress by thinking and talking in a positive manner.

Be the best you can be.
Find your calling for today. The past is over. It’s done! The past can’t be changed. Right timing – live in the today.

Do you lie about your age?
Accept who you are at the current calendar chronological age. Be grateful for being awesome!

Are you being the real you?
Hold onto your own power, fix yourself. Find your own truth.

Listen to your gut.
It is your higher self, your personal GPS system. Listen to the warning signs. Accept others the way they are today.

Be grateful
Emphasize the positive on a daily basis. What is in your gratitude journal?

Friendship detox.
What energy are you sending out to attract people who are negative influences? Ending a friendship is a difficult decision. When changes are needed, trust your gut and do it.

Wants and needs
A need is something that is required to live. A want is a desire. A mixture of needs and wants can be healthy. People are more important than things.

Free smiles
Wear smiles that are the most beautiful and available. Smiles are free, are appreciated by all and the returns are abundant.

Judgement calls from others
Do you stress over what others might be thinking about you? Why is their opinion so important to you? Teenagers desperately seek peer approval. Midlifers gain enough confidence to learn to stop obsessing about what others are thinking about them. Most Silver Sages (adult seniors) don’t give a darn!

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