Stop The Madness

A disturbing level of increasing political bickering and insults describes our current political debates. The political dialog feels like a walk through broken glass.

Hate speech is generally tolerated because it is considered freedom of speech. The blame game is offered when nothing constructive is being presented by the speaker. It detours our concentrating on the issues, in order to polarize people instead of uniting citizens for cooperation and progress. Voters, I urge you to avoid the negative political talk. Walk away.

If you were an employer interviewing a potential employee, would you hire someone who talked against the other applicants instead of bragging about their VERIFIABLE qualifications? Political candidates are telling us to vote for them, which means to hire them.

I do the following:

• Listen with an open mind. Listen more than talk.

• If an e-mail has negative content, I delete it. To escape the toxicity from newspaper ads and regular mail ads, I throw the political candidates job marketing junk in the trash.

• When a candidate talks against opponents, it is a clear indication there aren’t enough of his/her admirable successes and goals to share with us. I ignore them when they start a sentence with the accusatory word “you” instead of taking responsibility for their own actions by starting with the word “I”.

• When sharing information, I speak and write by supplying confirmable facts that have been verified with at least two sources. Political candidates make up statistics, then dodge revealing their sources.

• When politicians bad mouth another person, they are hiding something from their resume. I walk away when the well-rehearsed answers ignore the question.

• Fear of the unknown is a powerful slamming door. I keep an open mind to hear all the facts, but I will not accept their blame game. My vote goes to the candidate who is transparent, not for a candidate who is trained and willing to avoid the facts by blaming others.

• Change is good. Stop the madness of the hurtful name calling. I don’t accept it as the truth. Mature, honest, intelligent people take responsibility for their actions. They do not waste their energy and pride by working daily to be critical of others.

• In my world, job seekers don’t beg for donated money in order to buy a job. That process of donating to a political campaign is an immediate disconnect for me. Just because it has always been that way does not mean it is the best way for today and tomorrow.

In my fantasy land a humanitarian candidate does exist. In today’s reality, a candidate would not be able to get the job without the power of the political party machinery on their side.

Political parties do not exist in my fantasy land. Each candidate is interviewed by the potential employer, leaving it up to the deciders – the voters – to hire the most qualified person available.

Since history repeats itself, I don’t expect any big changes in the system within the near future. I’ll do my best to get through the realities of the 2014 politically opinionated season without walking on the broken glass.

“The pessimist complains about the wind;
the optimist expects it to change;
the realist adjusts the sails.”
William Arthur Ward

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