Stop the Political Madness

The political talks have turned into an unsettling set of insults and bickering. Each voter can be the target of the candidates hate speech. The blame game is tolerated because it is considered to be freedom of speech.
Voters, I urge you to avoid the negative political talk. Walk away. Turn it off. Replace it with positive thoughts and actions.

If you were an employer interviewing a potential employee, would you hire someone who talked against the other applicants instead of bragging about their verifiable qualifications? Politicians are telling us to vote for them, which means to hire them. And they want us to pay for them, to spend our money so they can secure the job. Just because it has been that way does not mean it is the best way for today and tomorrow.

Consider the following whenever struggling with an important decision:
Listen with an open mind. Listen more than talk.
Delete e-mails which have a negative content. Report them as spam.
Shred the mailbox and door knob ads to escape the toxicity. When a candidate blasts negativity at opponents, it’s obvious there aren’t enough admirable personal successes and goals to share with us. Ignore them when they start a sentence with the accusatory word “you” or start a sentence by using the opponents’ name instead of taking responsibility for their own actions by starting with the word “I”.

Politicians make up statistics, then dodge revealing their sources. Check and recheck at least two reliable sources. Fact check is a helpful process whenever a decision is waiting for an answer. It’s not only for politics. It’s for all phases of our lives.

When a politician is bad mouthing another person, he/she is hiding something from their resume. Walk away, turn it off when the well-rehearsed answers ignore the question.

My vote will never go to the candidate who is willing to avoid the facts by blaming others. That person would not be able to get the job without the power of the political party machinery on their side. Does such a candidate exist this year? In my fantasy land, political parties do not exist. Just like in the real world, each person stands on relevant successes. Each candidate now has many media opportunities to be interviewed by the potential employer, leaving it up to the deciders – the voters – to hire the best person available.

I’ll do my best to get through the realities of the current politically opinionated season by walking away and turning away from the negativity. I will vote.

“The pessimist complains about the wind;
the optimist expects it to change;
the realist adjusts the sails.”
by William Arthur Ward

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