That was then. This is now.

Just because things were like that in the past does not mean they have to be that way today. Aging presents challenges to process the decisions to keep, amend or discard old concepts and material things too.

Technology changes so rapidly we have to learn to adjust to today’s modifications or be left alone in the dust. Corded black dial telephones, manual typewriters, wringer washing machines and writing a letter with a pencil are memories from days gone by. That was then. Now we have multi-functional cell phones, computers, keyless entry cars and even 70” plasma televisions.

Religions stand firm to attract believers by assuring them of the reliability of the doctrine. In order to live fully in our modern world some adults appreciate the historical significance of their religion while traveling on their own spiritual pathway of living with modern concepts.

“Look at your past.
Your past has determined where you are at this moment.
What you do today will determine where you are tomorrow.
Are you moving forward or standing still?” By Tom Hopkins

My Mom was one of the few women in the 1940’s who worked outside of the house full time. She owned a ladies and children’s retail clothing store. At that time, USA working women were whispered about behind their backs while being criticized for not taking on the expected role of a stay at home Mom. That was then. Today, women who stay at home are rare to find and they are criticized for not working on “a real job.”

The financial world has gone through many changes in the past 50 years. Having and spending money on mansions, airplanes, yachts and vacations to foreign countries were not even discussed in the not too distant past. Then we were middle class working citizens who worked long hours to provide for the family. The general atmosphere was positive. Now the same type of jobs (many of them still exist) don’t provide enough of an income to move workers out of the low class status. The top 1% of the population control political parties, union representation and the other control powers that come with being rich.

In the past, family first was a uniting natural belief. Families ate dinners together while talking over daily events, thoughts and feelings. Now family members are scattered during dinner, and when together, the cell phone distraction takes over for family talking. Texting and emailing have become the most attended social activity.

When a customer service representative tells me they can’t make changes or corrections on the computer, they often follow up by saying “That’s the way it has always been done.” The robot script does not allow for individual differences. It might have been done that way then, because at that time computers were a vast confusing unknown. This is now. Technology continues to be advancing in new directions with new challenges and opportunities.

Everyone and everything is a teacher. Open your heart and your mind to the possibilities of learning something new every day. The interests that were in the forefront of your life from yesterday might not be right for today or tomorrow. Create paths to make updates to allow for changes.

There are many more aspects of life to be explored to become aware of how things have changed and many more will emphasize how personal changes are lagging behind in our modern world. Now it is your turn to explore your world of changes. Aging is a journey of changes.

Life does not improve by chance, it gets better by CHANGE.


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