The Go Green Revolution

What? Pay 10 cents for each paper bag at a Southern California grocery chain?  Yes, the store eliminated plastic bags saying they are supporting the go green revolution. Customers can bring personal grocery bags or buy the paper bags from the store.  Plastic bags are bad for the environment!  The Manager said our planet is in trouble today because previous generations did not care enough to save the environment.

The Manager is correct—we did not have the  Go Green mantras in days gone by!

My Dad reused glass baby food jars to sort and store workshop nuts, bolts and screws.  Mom reused medium glass jars to collect drained fat from fatty cooked foods, instead of throwing the melted fat down the kitchen sink pipes.  Other glass jars were used over and over, to store leftovers and bring food to family gatherings.

But we didn’t have the Go Green revolution, back in those days!

In days gone by, we washed the baby’s diapers to reuse them.  Disposables did not exist.  We dried clothes on a clothesline outside in the back yard. Wind and solar power dried the clothes.  Kids gladly received hand me down clothes from brothers, sisters, and cousins.  We never heard of expensive brand new designer styles.

We didn’t have the  Go Green revolution, in the olden days!

Back then, we had one TV, and/or radio per house, not a TV in every room. The television had a small oval screen, on top of a piece of wooden furniture that sat on the living room floor, not a screen the size of a football stadium!  In the kitchen, we cut, chopped, sliced, blended and stirred by hand, not with electrical devices.  We didn’t start up a gasoline engine just to cut the lawn.  The push lawn mower ran on human muscle power.  We exercised by working and walking. We never heard about joining a health club to run on electrical treadmills.

It’s true: we didn’t have the Go Green revolution back then!

We drank tap water from a glass that we used and reused all day long. No paper or plastic drinking cups were in our lives.  Writing pens were refilled with liquid ink, instead of buying new ones when the ink was used up. Razor blades were replaced when dull, instead of throwing the entire razor in the trash and buying a new one. Products lasted a long time, giving us fair warning by not working properly as they were breaking down after many years of use.

We didn’t have the Go Green revolution in those days!

Back then, everyone rode in a streetcar or a bus, and kids rode their bikes to school or walked, instead of turning their moms into a chauffeur. Walking up the stairs was the routine because stores and office buildings usually did not have an escalator or elevator for buildings that were under three stories high.

   We walked to the movies, neighbors’ houses, and everywhere possible. Using the huge automobile machine, for short distances, was unthinkable.

We didn’t have the Go Green revolution in those days!

Strict electrical codes required that every room, in every house, have one plug outlet, not an entire strip of outlets to power today’s ever growing quantity of technological gadgets.  We used phone books to find telephone numbers and placed them on top of chairs so small children could sit and reach the top of the table to eat.  Old phone books were recycled by using the pages for art projects.

It is depressing to hear the current generation lament and criticize how wasteful today’s older people were in days gone by, just because we didn’t have the Go Green Revolution  back then.

The moral of the story? Take responsibility for yourself.  The blame game is so old school!












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