The Labor of Writing

Writing is a manual labor known as the power of the pen.

Every day I sit down at my computer, sometimes with a blank mind, but always ready to write. As my fingers fly across the keyboard, words, sentences and paragraphs take shape on the page.

Much of my energy goes to an unconscious ability to sit still while writing new words and re-writing them ad nausea, to strive for perfection. There is a demanding labor going on inside of me, directing my mind to generate the right vocabulary for the work in progress.

A writer is someone who writes. Simplistic, but accurate. What actually goes on behind the scenes can be mind blogging for those who take the definition literally.

A writer must be a researcher too. I’m grateful for the internet with its abundance of information on all subjects. A writer conducts research to get factual information and authentic detail, regardless of the current chosen genre. Considering a subject matter that interests readers is a challenge of asking questions, taking polls and researching the current available writings.

Several times in my life I have said “I’d write a book about that personal event, but who would want to read it?” Laughter! Laughter! Without realizing it, the seeds were being planted for me to write non-fiction.

Writing from the heart is the key that connects me with readers by way of this labor of love. Readers hear what I’m saying while recognizing the value is in being the best you can be. Motivated readers need a hook, a connection to something they already know and love. By writing daily I strive to provide a way to let them in.

I would like seekers to read and support my work as they actively and passionately engage with what they read. I want my writings to give the reader a space to express things about themselves that they can’t in ordinary life because they think it sounds weird or silly or too revealing.

Writing is an art form which is a labor of love that involves a strong commitment and willingness to sacrifice. Most people who choose writing as a career do so because of a compulsive need to write. Others choose writing as a way of expressing themselves.

It take constant self-motivation to sit down to create the best possible results. Convince yourself to aim high to accomplish the best writing you’ve ever created. Pour your heart and energy into the story; it’s your child, the best ever, even with all the labor pains. That much devotion comes across in the writing.

Writing is an outrageous labor, idleness is worse. Don’t give up. If writing is what you want to do, then do it regularly regardless of what you perceive as the lack of support.

Writing is a creative skill where you may appear to be ridiculous if you don’t earn any money, but in reality, writing is the reward.

Writing is Healing! Writing is fun!

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