The Perfect Me

If you want to be perfect, first decide what the perfect you will look like.
Change of personality, physical appearance, attitude, fitness or ways of speaking are all up for grabs. Plan your goals, then work your plans.
Next comes evaluation of progress. Are you now the perfect you? No one, not even you, can sustain perfection. That judgment call changes from minute to minute.

Writers and authors strive for perfection with every written word. We are more critical of ourselves than would seem imaginable. Then our work is shared with others who read the words with a critical eye. It’s a never ending cycle which demands developing a thick skin against the slings and arrows of struggling for the elusive perfection.

Life is an ongoing process of change. Perfection does not and cannot exist beyond this one moment in time. Life changes for us and we make our own changes all the time. Struggling to be perfect by believing perfection must be attained, ruins self-confidence and causes a lifetime of discontent. Perfection is a moving target.

Emphasize your uniqueness and strengths rather than criticizing the flaws and defects you battle while being a typical imperfect human being. By being the best you can be, inner and outer excellence will shine.

Seven ways to become a successful, accepting person
1. Be realistic to know what you are able to do and not able to do.
2. Love yourself by treating yourself with respect.
3. Live your life your way instead of what someone else thinks is best.
4. Be a good listener to give and take advice.
5. Learn something new, do something creative.
6. Set realistic goals. Be flexible enough to change the goals that don’t work.
7. Accept yourself despite the frustration, failure, flaws and deficiencies that make you human. Everyone experiences those imperfections.

Perfection is being the best you can be.

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