The “W” personality

Do you have a Writer’s personality?
How many of the following descriptions apply to you?
1) Love of Language. Words are the building blocks for writers. A ready sense of how language works.
2) Access to a Library. Writers read and research for inspiration and for general knowledge.
3) Physical Tools. Use a computer, pen and paper, note pads, research and more, organized for easy access.
4) Budget. Learning to set and follow goals. Budget your time and your money.
5) An introvert while researching and writing. An extrovert while selling the creative results.
6) Writer’s toolbox. The most important tool in the writers’ tool box is all that writers hold inside of them:

Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely
Creative and self-motivated
Knowledge of writing principles and an aptitude for words.
Observer of surroundings and human nature
Stamina for the persistent desire to write
Inquisitive and curious. A hunger for knowledge
A passionate commitment to writing – Just do it!
Ability to focus
Expresses gratitude daily
Attends workshops, book fairs, and other learning events.
Willing to learn how to budget from the very first idea.

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