Things to remember

The most powerful force in life_____L-O-V-E

The most useless thing to do_______WORRY

The greatest joy is in___________GIVING

The greatest loss is the___LOSS of SELF-RESPECT

The most satisfying work______HELPING OTHERS

The ugliest personality trait____SELFISHNESS

The greatest thief of time________PROCRASTINATION

The most endangered species________DEDICATED LEADERS

The greatest shot in the arm__________ENCOURAGEMENT

The greatest problem to overcome_______F-E-A-R

The most effective sleeping pill_______PEACE of MIND

The most crippling failure disease___EXCUSES

The greatest teacher _________ OUR MISTAKES

The most dangerous pariah___________A GOSSIPER

The softest pillow is a _______CLEAR CONSCIENCE

The world’s most incredible computer__The BRAIN

The worst thing to be without__________H-O-P-E

The deadliest weapon________________THE TONGUE

The two most power-filled words___I CAN

The greatest asset______________F-A-I-T-H

The most terrible human emotion___JEALOUSY

The most worthless emotion__________SELF-PITY

The most prized possession____________INTEGRITY

The most beautiful attire_________________A SMILE

The most contagious spirit________________ENTHUSIASM

*Source unknown


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